Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NO news should be good news

The week started out rather rough with the drive back to Springfield on Sunday night. I had been thinking a lot about Occupational therapy with special needs kids. You pretty much get to play all day! May I mention my personality just fits. It's something that has always been in the back of my mind but knowing school doesn't come easy just seemed out of reach. In which I started to look at different schools and seeing about special Ed programs as well. Well needless to day my adviser last week never mentioned that they raised the GPA to get into the Sped program. Yep well guess what my GPA is lacking a bit and my two classes this semester more than likely wont get me there.
                                                   Another dead end! 
At this point I would really enjoy calling it quiets! It's getting really old being turned down at every corner. I just don't understand how can one ONE test have kept me out of the program this long and making it that much harder to finish! Really does a test not even related to what I will be doing really going to tell the university how I work with kid! 

On the other hand life seems like it has just been going....not like anything is happening or being done. Seems as if everyone is moving on with life and moving away, having kids, taking awesome jobs. I'm just stuck being a recess teacher. How cool is that.......let me tell you not very! 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

"Never good enough"

Ever been told you aren’t good enough or maybe just aren’t cut out for something. Over the past couple of weeks that seem to be the one thing that just keeps going through my head.
Life seemed to be going great, knowing I had roughly 3 semesters left of school, took a new job closer to home, got out of swimming for the first time in my life and ready to explore something new. Until the first week of everything new started! I like new stuff and always excited for it! Instead I feel straight on my face. The new job was nothing it said it was going to be, School ended up coming to a dead stand still.
After hearing from my advisor that teaching just may not be for me, everything thought of your not good enough comes to mind. I’m not good enough to be in a classroom at work so I make copies half the day, I’m not good enough to be around the kids, I’m just not teacher material.
It’s been a rough couple of weeks battling though this as to what’s next! Knowing God has a plan and just waiting has to be the hardest part. When the end of August came I was so excited that within 2 years I would have my classroom and Will & I could start thinking about a family and go over seas together.
Now it all just seems like it is at a stand still. Not knowing when I could graduate, not knowing when I will have my classroom and for sure not knowing what the next step in life is.  Better yet knowing at some point it would be nice to face all this! But right now just to be real in the last week I have done more running from it all literally than face it! I can say I’m just flat out mad at God and don’t understand!
( not looking for a pitty party just need a way to get some things out)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Craft Fun

Here are a few fall fun crafts, that are super easy, cheap and will make your home look great!


What you need:
3 wooden plaques (1.00 each at walmart)
paint or crafting paper
hot glue

This project cost be around $3.50
paint each plaque white. Then pick the color for the back ground that you may want. I did orange and then brushed really lightly black to make a spooky look. FAter your background dries I took a pencil and sketched B-O-O onto each plaque. Then added white as to make the letters look a little more 3D. The final step is to add a bow if you choose. I picked up this ribbon at Joann's on sale and it only coasted me $.50 for the whole thing!
 Another way to do this would be to take scrapbook paper of your choice and cut to fit on the plagues. Then use a glue or mod-pud to glue the paper to the plaques. You could even use the pre-cut letters from a craft store as well.

Fall door sign

This was so cheap as well. I had saw a sign some what like this at a store for $30.00!!! I made this for close to $5.00

What you need.
Wooden cut out leafs. Find in holiday section of a craft store.
hot glue

For this project I took the pre-cut leafs at Hobby Lobby, which where on sale and cost me $.40 each! I had to paint the back coat white first because there where lines. Then Took fall colors and mad a back coat. Along the edges I took my paint brush and just daped brown paint to add more of the 3D effect. With a thin tip paint brush i drew the lines of the leafs. Same as the boo sign I stenciled on the letters first them painted them. Later on I notice a sharpie would have worked just as good! Once all was dry I hot glued these on top of each other and added ribbon to hand the sign with!

Candy Corn Welcome!

What you need:

Candy corn wood cut outs
hot glue

Once again I got these pre-cut wood candy corns in the holiday section of Joann's and on sale cost me $.20 each! Also the ribbon was on sale because it was a holiday color! I had to paint the base white on these as well. Then just painted each like candy corn! After I stenciled on the letter and then pained over them. One again a sharpie will work just fine for this point!. Once all was dry I took the ribbon I had bought and hot glued the candy corn to it on one side and made a loop at the top then came back down the other side!

This one is even easy for kids to help out with!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Letting God lead

As many know Will and I have taken this summer to explore different church's and different ministry's in the church. This has been such a great experience and tiring at the same time. We have felt God calling us to something but just don't know what. It was been hard to sit back and say God I will go where you want me to go!
Over the last week, I have been so anxious and ready to get back on the mission field. Expectantly back in Mali! I have no clue when I will go back or where I could go next! It has really been on my heart, thinking about everyone back there and just how life was like out on the field. I wouldn't say life was easier, but it was just know that prescient of God is always there. Not that it he isn't in the US. In the US our ever day life takes over so much and out on the field all that is gone!
Also just thinking what it would be like for Will to be there and for us to experience that together.
No matter how much I love working with Special needs kids here my heart has always been for mission ever  since my first mission trip in 8th grade!

My prayer lately has been....
 "God open my eyes to what you want me to see and move my feet where you want me to go!"

Good Bye Summer Hello School year

Transitioning into this school year has been one of the hardest thing. I have never had a problem with change. Yes I get a little over whelmed at first but nothing bad. This year came at me full force! Starting out Monday I went into this year excited! I have the job of my dreams, working with special needs kids! Not only working with them but showing them the love of Christ and watching them grow during the year. Sure enough by Tuesday, I was done! It only took a day for school to completely take over me and so much I didn't want to go to class come Wednesday. I have never felt this way before, but feeling as if I am going to fail ever class because I don't learn like the average student just got to me! I am so thankful to have Will in  my life, over the week he has held me countless times while I just cry and has surprised me with treat and what not.
I do have to say Sunday was great for, being at church and just worshiping and at house church. it seemed that those two times have been the only time I haven't just felt like giving up on the whole thing.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Start of something new

Lots have happened since I last posted!

Will moved into his house! Where we will be living once we get married! It has been a long week of working hard there. Unpacking him, fixing things up and cleaning! The house is a little 3 bed 2 bath farm house on 10 acrs. When looking for a house we both wanted something we can have others too and have a ministry of our own at. One of the big things was to have some land to do camp fires and play games on. This way we can fellowship with others.
Here are some pics:

under the old farm house porch. this will be a couple weeks project

Back porch screen door

We have also taken another big step of faith. As some know we have taken off the summer of teaching at Ridgecrest to search out what and where God wants us as a couple. It has been a hard and crazy road so far. We have tried out a few church's in Billings where the house is located so we can pour back into the community we will be living in. Also just weeing different parts of ministry besides youth. We both love working with the youth but have both had a feeling that God is wants us to be else where or doing something different.

One thing both of us have noticed is that friends and family from both church and Kansas city area aren't agreeing with us getting a house down here or  searching out what God's plan for us is.
This has been so hard on the both of us. To see relationships  that mean a lot to us being threatened because we will either be across town from them or 2 and 1/2 hours away.

My Parents have always told me " that we didn't raise you to stay in our house or be by our side at all times. We raised you to start your own life and to live on your own. If we didn't do that then  we didn't do our jobs."

Not everyone is meant to stay in Raytown the rest of their life's. It  has been a great place to grow up and to learn what life is really about. At some point in time everyone is ready to get out of there.
Springfield area has been great to Will and I. We have both grown a lot as a person and a couple. We have both prayed and seeked where we should be and  believe that down in this area is going to offer many more opportunities for our life's. As far of keeping in touch. Everyone is just a phone call away and we are still coming to visit and eager all of you all to come down and visit as well. We have room to host who ever and it really isn't a bad drive with lots of fun things to do down here too.

As far as our church family. We love and miss you all. Ridgecrest has been great! We are just seek where God may want us to move next. Who knows it may just be a different ministry with in the church. Both of us plane on keeping in touch either way.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Flower Pots

This cute idea come about when I the dirt was to rocking to plant my plants at the house. So I found old Maison jars in the farm house and old can of black spray paint and then i had ribbon on hand in my craft stuff

Stuff you need:
Maison jars
Spray paint(Color of choice)
ribbon ( got mine a dollar at target in dollar section)
 Flowers of choices
Extra dirt

Clean jars off then spray them.
Wait to dry
fill with extra dirt
Put your flowers in
Wrap ribbon around the top

Simple and cute for gifts or even on the deck or stairs at home!